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Beulah Koale joins to play Junior Reigns, a former Navy SEAL who just returned home from his latest hitch.With a background similar to Five-0 task force leader Steve Mc Garrett, Junior asks for a job on the team; a request that will apparently be granted, eventually.(17-Feb-2009) · Bishop Who Do You Love (11-Sep-2008) First Sunday (11-Jan-2008) American Son (Jan-2008) The Brothers Solomon (7-Sep-2007) Let's Go to Prison (22-Nov-2006) Ultimate Avengers II (2-Jul-2006) Annapolis (27-Jan-2006) Roll Bounce (23-Sep-2005) Waiting... John Bergin The Terminal (9-Jun-2004) · Mulroy Paid in Full (9-Aug-2002) · Pip Undercover Brother (30-May-2002) · The Chief Narc (14-Jan-2002) The Kid (25-Jun-2000) Gone in 60 Seconds (5-Jun-2000) Dancing in September (24-Feb-2000) Mercury Rising (1-Apr-1998) · Tommy B.

Matt Cavanaugh (2005-06) House Edward Vogler (2005) Boston Public Steven Harper (principal, 2000-05) The John Larroquette Show Heavy Gene (janitor, 1993-96) Draft Day (11-Apr-2014) Pawn Shop Chronicles (12-Jul-2013) The Family Tree (26-Aug-2011) · Simon Krebs Still Waiting...He also played the role of the demonic spear-tossing video game ninja Scorpion in web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy. While Tani is working as a hotel lifeguard, her service CV is actually defined by her time as a first-rate standout at the police academy. How she comes into the orbit of the Five-0 task force remains to be seen.Rath, a Quebec-born actress, has been seen on TV series such as Rogue, New Girl, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, Banshee and is probably best known for her role in Syfy’s Americanized Being Human as the brownstone’s resident ghost Sally Malik.With its switch from Monday at 10 PM to Fridays at 9 this season, and without those younger-skewing Monday comedies as its leadin, is up 17% in overall audience — from 10.2 million to nearly 12 million viewers — but is down 19% in the demo; its median age has increased from last season’s 55.8 years at this point last season, to 59.5 this season to date.Hawaii Five-0, CBS’s remake of the iconic 1970s police procedural, has been a solid part of the Eye Network’s primetime lineup since 2010, serving as a reliably-performing dramatic anchor on typically low-expectation Friday nights.

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It's a rather surprising move, since Adam – initially introduced as a shady character whose family is the center of a Yakuza criminal dynasty – eventually took the straight and narrow, becoming the husband of Grace Park’s Kono – who, of course, is no longer on the show!